Rhino Pre-filter

MSRP: $4.95 - $24.95

Pre-filter used to extend the life of the high quality Rhino Filters.

Case Quantities
10'x24' (250mm x 600mm):
10'x39' (250mm x 1000mm):
10'x48' (250mm x 1200mm):
12'x39' (300mm x 1000mm):
12'x48' (300mm x 1200mm):
14'x39' (350mm x 1000mm):
14'x48' (350mm x 1200mm):
4'x12' (100mm x 300mm):
4'x8' (100mm x 200mm):
6'x16' (150mm x 400mm):
6'x24' (150mm x 600mm):
8'x24' (200mm x 600mm):
8'x39' (200mm x 1000mm):
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