Coco Medium 50 L (1.76 Cu. ft bag)

MSRP: $1,497.00

House & Garden Coco Substrate (1.76 Cu. ft bag) meets the strictest demands made on coco fiber by the RHP foundation, giving consistent high quality that the end users require. All House & Garden Coco undergoes a rigorous process of buffering and cleaning to ensure all impurities are washed out of the coco which gives the plant every chance of success.

Mediums are sold in pallets of 60 bags each.

Pallet price: $930.00 (MSRP: $1,497.00) 1 = 1 pallet
Indv. Bag Price: $15.50.00 (MSRP: $24.95)

For Colorado and eastward, call us for pricing.

Case Quantities
West of Colorado: 1
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