Created with The GIMPTarpline Tarp Zip-Ups 

Tarpline’s high quality peel and stick tarp zipper will make a doorway in any tarp, poly, or shrink-wrap. Great for greenhouses or plastic walls. Clean the surface of dust, peel sticker and place zipper, and cut a slit as you open the zipper. These will fly off the shelves. Comes 10 to a case.




poly6mm Plastic Sheeting 

Get the original black and white poly plastic film you used to get, before everyone else moved their production to China. Now you can get what you remember: a true 6 mil black and white film, 10 feet wide by 100 feet long, folded into a convenient roll, made right here in the main land!
Packaged in a box for easy shipping, our Penguin Poly is completely opaque.