Mad Farmer

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mad farmer

Mad Farmer is a line of plant enhancements, additives and nutrient controls formulated specifically for hydroponics.

With no dyes and food-grade ingredients, this product is clean, stable and concentrated.

Mad Farmer get up get down



Get Up & Get Down

Get your pH up and down with the Mad Farmer!

These are very concentrated acids & bases that are specifically designed to adjust the pH of nutrient solutions.

Mad Farmer N.U.T.S. Nutrient UpTake Solutions

Nutrient Up-Take Solution

N.U.T.S. is an organic, cold water extracted fulvic acid derived from humic shale. Fulvic acid acts to naturally chelate nutrients and has a high rate of cation exchange due to its low atomic weight. These properties result in higher nutrient uptake as well as increased vitality. N.U.T.S. is UV filtered before bottling to ensure quality and is OMRI listed.

mad farmer MOAB

Mother of All Blooms
M.O.A.B. supplies your flowering plants with extreme levels of food grade phosphorus and potassium. M.O.A.B. also contains reagent grade B-1 to reduce shock and assist in growth.


Oxygenator is a 35% Hydrogen Peroxide solution for odor control.

Oxygenator is currently only available in gallon size and can only be shipped via pallet.


MF-silicashield_1gal_lightThe Mad Farmer’s Silica is proudly made in the U.S.A., and provides plants with additional levels of Silicon and Potash. Silica is compatible with all nutrients and mediums. Silicon helps to strengthen plant tissue by strengthening the cell walls. Increased plant tissue strength can result in more rigid stalks as well as helping to increase tolerance to adverse environmental stresses such as drought, heat and cold. For best result use with every watering. Add Silica to the nutrient solution to provide plants with additional levels of Silicon and Potash. Silica may increase the pH of the nutrient solution. Use Mad Farmer Get Down to lower pH levels. Shake well before using.

A consistent pH is one of the most important elements in maintaining a healthy garden. Make sure your plants work at an optimal pH level with Mad Farmer pH Kit.




Root It

ROOT IT™ makes it easy to make your own cuttings. Simply dip your fresh cuts into ROOT IT

and plant into your preferred propagation medium. Keep them moist and you’ll be seeing explosive root growth in no time!


be-oneMad Farmer Be One will assist in plant growth and help to reduce shock. Be One is compatible with all nutrients and fertilizers and used throughout all of plant growth.


detox_1gal_lightMad Farmer’s Detox is a flush solution specifically formulated to dissolve and remove excess salts that accumulate in hydroponic systems, potting soils, coco coir and other growing media.