Here at Humboldt Wholesale, we travel around the world to bring you extraordinary gardening products. Humboldt County is renown for it’s fertile lands and gardening prowess, so only the best products make the cut into Humboldt Wholesale’s collection of Good Things. Achieve your gardening goals with the products that pass the Humboldt Wholesale test.

Good Things include:

House & Garden

Global Greenhouse Lighting (GGL)

Mad Farmer

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Humboldt Wholesale is proud to be the U.S. Exclusive Distributor of House & Garden Premium Dutch Nutrients. Founded in 1990, House & Garden puts the knowledge of three generations of professional gardeners into your hands to help give your larger blooms and bigger yields, every time you grow. GGL products are built Humboldt Tough! Using state of the art lighting science, premium components, and vigorous testing methods, GGL products are designed to deliver maximum results for indoor gardeners. Made in the U.S. with food grade ingredients and without bulking agents or dyes, Mad Farmer’s line of premium plant additives are designed to enhance your preferred brand of fertilizer.

Tray Hugger

Rhino Filter

Optic Foliar

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Hydroponics is getting greener, and with Tray Hugger’s line of reservoirs made from 90% recycled plastic content, you too can join the green revolution! Made by gardeners, for gardeners, and with green power to boot, this California company is leading the green-gardening frontier.
With over 10 tried-and-true years of success in Europe, Rhino Filter is now available in the U.S. Built with light-weight aluminum and pure activated RC 412 carbon, Rhino Filter delivers efficiency and dependability in tight, pollutant and odor scrubbing package. After years of research and trial and error, the Optic Foliar team has created a line of foliar sprays that surpass all others on the market in terms of quality, price, and performance. Optic Foliar’s Leaf Energy Technology (LET) dramatically increases your plant’s natural growth cycles.