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Lighting systems built Humboldt Tough! Using state of the art lighting science, premium components and vigorous testing methods, GGL products are designed to deliver maximum results for indoor gardeners.


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GGL Dimmable Digital Ballasts

Our digital ballasts feature the best components on the market and are made for long life. Humboldt Wholesale is proud to introduce our new line of digital ballasts to the North American market. Global Greenhouse Lighting Digital Ballasts are top of the line electronic ballasts that fire both Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium bulbs! These blissfully silent ballasts are highly efficient, producing very little heat. All of this while firing the bulb brighter, giving 15% to 20% more lumen output than a standard electro-magnetic core ballast. All of this because the ballasts fire at a higher frequency, minimizing the wear and increasing lamp life, 3 to 4 times. Safe, certified, high-tech and tough; GGL has done the research and integrated gardener feedback to design an efficient dimmable ballast with results you can depend on. Featuring Rubycon Intellivolt capacitors made by our Japanese component manufacturer; these ballasts are built to last with a 3-year full and 5-year limited warranty.

  • Rubycon Capacitors – The most advanced Japanese capacitor on the market with a Heavy Duty 120V Cord (240V cord available separately)
  • Cool cord keeps plug away from ballast
  • All models fire both HPS & MH lamps
  • Exclusive Ultra Quiet noise control system
  • High Quality JAPANESE MADE Components
  • MultiVolt Input – Easy to use design
  • S-Type Socket
  • Generator Ready
  • Benefits of digital include: more lumens, energy efficiency, longer bulb life, silent cool operation, and lightweight design
  • Safe & Certified













GGL Illuminator XL

GGL Illuminator

GGL Regulator

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T5 Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures





Light Lifters

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