Floralux All-In-One Lighting Systems

Floralux All in One The Floralux is an all-in-one unit that combines a quality ballast, high performance bulb and attached reflector, which saves on floor space as well as the wallet.

The reflector has a high efficiency 95% reflective textured aluminum insert and louvered cooling vents which can be replaced with optional 4” air-cooled fittings.

Each unit includes sturdy steel construction, heavy duty chrome hangers, a 10 foot power cord, and tempered safety glass, as well as an AgroMax lamp.

Accesories Include:  Capacitor for 400W MH – Floralux, 24uf/400v Capacitor for 250W MH – Floralux, 15uf/280v HYL Air cooled fitting for Floralux Reflector 4” Flange  Capacitor for 400W HPS – Floralux, 55mfd/280v Capacitor for 250W HPS – Floralux, 35mfd/280v Ignitor for Floralux 250-400w HPS ballast, IGN-03, Replacement Glass for MiniFloraLux, Replacement Pebble Insert for Floralux, Replacement Glass for FloraLux, Air Cooled Fitting for FloraLux 4” Flange, HYL FloraLux 400W MH, HYL FloraLux 400W  HPS, HYL FloraLux 250W  MH, HYL FloraLux 250W  HPS, HYL FloraLux 150W HPS