Cutting Edge Solutions was founded by John Piccirili Cutting-Edge-Solutionsand August Mayo in 2000 in Northern California. Pairing their knowledge of plant nutrition and organic chemistry, the two began research and development that focused on identifying the key nutritional requirements – particularly relating to hydroponic gardening – and began formulating a new approach to complete plant nutrition. Cutting Edge’s three part nutrient program Grow/Micro/Bloom is highly concentrated and will leave fewer salts on your soil or hydroponic medium, giving you the best bang for your buck. You will notice an improvement in plant health when switching to Cutting Edge Solutions from other three part nutrients.

All CES nutrients are available in Quart, Gallon, 2.5 Gallon, 6 Gallon and 20 Gallon sizes.



Sonoma Gold GROW

Solar Gaia – Organic Solar Enhancer

Sugaree – Organic Bloom Enhancer

G-Rex – Organic Rooting Agent

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Sonoma Gold Grow is an all purpose organic fertilizer created and used by third generation farmers. Designed in the coastal regions of California where cold weather and low light conditions can bring your organic farm to a screeching halt. Sonoma Gold is user friendly, as it flows easily through irrigation systems and does not require mechanical mixing prior to use. Don’t be misled by inflated (N) Nitrogen, (P) Phosphorus, and (K) Potassium numbers as they can be misleading and rely on insoluble forms of Nitrogen (i.e., goo). Our nitrogen source doesn’t stink, clog drip lines, or attract unwanted pests. Sonoma Gold does provide a passive source of (N) Nitrogen that is readily available to the plant at any time. Our nitrogen is derived from hydrolyzed keratin and seed proteins. The addition of fish meal and potash provide for organic sources of (P) Phosphorus and (K) Potassium. Our proprietary chelation process ensures micronutrient availability and soil retention. Our proprietary formulation is based on the remains of decayed plants aged around 65 million years old. These plant remains are packets of carbon derived from solar energy the ancient plants harvested and incorporated into their tissues. These carbon based plant compounds act as chelating agents for both macro and micro nutrients thus increasing their solubility, mobility, and migration in the rhizosphere. Once the formulation is incorporated into your grow media, it will create a support structure for beneficial biology. Soon to be your new darling – the first and only ORGANIC SUGAREE. Our proprietary formulation contains polysaccharides folded into a matrix fortified with an emulsion of trace minerals. An ORGANIC supplement designed to provide a natural source of energy for fruit set close to harvest (REPLACES Uncle John’s Blend for the LAST 3 WEEKS including FLUSH!) Sugar production can be restricted as the plants metabolism fades with the end of the season. SUGAREE frees up these missing carbohydrates in a readily available organic form. The formulation targets increase in fruit set, retention, and sugar production. SUGAREE provides the plant with the energy it requires to fuel respiration that drives fruit set. G-Rex is an organic rooting complex handed down from great grandpa’s elixir for starting seedlings and cuttings. Grandpa always stressed that in order have healthy plants, they had to have healthy roots. By watching the recovery of forests and fields after drought years, he noticed how the plants survived without a farmer tending them. This intrigued him to figure out a way to reproduce these observations at the farm in Humboldt County. This is the formula Grandpa Rex used, and is every bit as organic as when he made it back home. The essence of Granpa’s wisdom is in our formulation and we are proud to offer it to you.


Uncle John’s Blend



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Plant-Amp is derived from CES’s unique and proprietary micro-organism based chelation process, which harnesses the power of Nature’s smallest creatures to “fix” plant food for easy uptake. Plant Amp’s chelated calcium will not lock-up important compounds such as phosphorous, silicates, or sulfur, while facilitating calcium uptake by plant roots and leaves. Calcium is a critical component in mediating growth responses in plants such as leaf and stem photo-orientation. Uncle John’s Blend is a unique elixir developed to increase flowering and fruit production in vascular plants. CES uses their chelation process on a blend of complex potassium, iron, manganese, zinc, silicon, and a generous helping of carbohydrates to create Uncle John’s Blend. Plants tested using UJB have shown increases in flower and fruit set, pathogen resistance, CO2 uptake, and overall chlorophyll production. Mag-Amp uses the same chelation processes on Magnesium to give every primary, secondary, and micro nutrient needed for the entire lifecycle of the plant. The kind sweet and sour aroma of the organic Sour-Dee is what you need to give your crop the characteristics that you desire. Sour-Dee is a late flowering & flush additive designed to enhance the aroma and flavor of your crop.