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Can-Fans are simply the best centrifugal fans available on the market, setting the standard for performance. Can-Fan has every feature you need: compact, quiet, easy installation, certified to CSA and UL standards and a 5 year warranty… setting it apart from the competition.

Rated for continuous operation, Can-Fan can be used in commercial or residential applications. These fans are an unbeatable value.

Can-Filters are the carbon air filters you need when your customers demand the best. Can has designed and built the highest quality activated carbon filters for over 15 years.

The CKV-4 activated carbon included in all Can-Filters are specially developed for organic odor control. Every filter has an included and installed high quality pre-filter, and come in a variety of sizes to fit the room that you need to filter.


Can Flanges

can-lite1 canFanFlanges
The Can-Lite gives you the same packaged bed design for maximum air flow and consistent performance as our regular line of Can Filters but in a lighter package.

Weighing in at only 50 lbs the Can-Lite is an easy install.

The New Can-Lite will combine ease of installation with entry level prices.

Keep your Wallet Heavy and your odor eliminated, Go with a Can-Lite.

Can Flanges are used to connect Can-Filters to ducting or to Can-Fans. They include a packet of self tapping screws and some weather stripping to make an air tight seal. Flanges range in sizes of 4” to 12”. NOTE: All Can-Filters & Flanges are now sold a la carte. Make sure to order your desired flange separately: Inline 66 has a built in flange.

Can Pre-Filters

Can Mufflers

can-fan-pre-filter_3 can-fan-mufflers
Can Pre-Filters are used to make sure dust, dirt, and other contaminates do not clog up your new carbon filter. You can vacuum them only so much before a new one is required.

All Can-Filters come from us with a Pre-Filter already installed.

Can Mufflers are used to reduce outlet or inlet noise. Available in 2 sizes, the Original sized Muffler will fit your 8″-12″ fans, and the new Mini Muffler will fit your 4″-8″ fans .

Original Muffler:
Diameter: 14.5″
Length: 46″
Insulation Bed Depth: 2.5″
Mini Muffler:
Diameter: 11 7/8″
Length: 24″
Insulation Bed Depth: 2″

Can Ducting

Can Ducting gets your airflow where you need it.