Organic Bountea


The Bountea Growing System is a complete holistic approach to soil fertility and plant vitality, developed by John Evans, winner of 9 World Records for giant vegetables and numerous awards for botanical excellence. The components of the Bountea Growing System work together synergistically to bring you unsurpassed bio-organic growing results:

  • Bigger more vigorous plants and roots
  • More flowers
  • Increased resistance to stress, pests and disease

bountea-humisoilAlaska Humisoil – A pure natural humus rich in beneficial microbes bringing extraordinary fertility to your soil. It produces exceptional compost tea and can also be used as an excellent potting soil additive.





bountea brew kitThe Bountea Compost Tea Brew Kit is an easy to use, do-it-yourself brewer that comes with four main components: Humisoil, Bioactivator, Root Web and M3. It contains everything you need to brew exceptional aerated organic compost tea. Attention 50 gallon brewer contains: 50 gallon brewerwith spigot installed, brewer, pump, diffuser and hose, Bountea biologicals sold seperately.


Bountea-B3Bountea Better Bloom B3 – N:1.6 P:3.0 K:7.0 – A specialty fertilizer with natural P, K, humates, and kelp to promote numerous buds and strong flowers.





BounteaSuperStartWebSuperStart for Plants – N:3 P:0.06 K:1.5 – A specialty bio-organic fertilizer with microbes and nutrients that gives seedlings and transplants a surge of life. Use it as a superior potting soil additive along with Alaska Humisoil.




bountea M3Marine Mineral Magic M3 – N:6 P:0 K:0 – A specialty fertilizer with concentrated organic nutrients to promote strong healthy growth of leaves and shoots during the vegetative phase. Add M3 to enhance the Bountea Compost Tea for developing plants.




Bountea BioActivator

Bountea Bioactivator – A superior compost tea catalyst with a proprietary blend of microbial foods and stimulants to brew premium compost tea.




BounteaRoot-WebRoot Web – Mycorrhizae and Trichoderma – 21 species of fungal spores to strengthen and improve plant root systems, increase fertilizer efficiency and reduce fungal disease. Add Root Web to enhance the Bountea Compost Tea for young plants.




fungal-act-bothFungal Activator
A proprietary Compost Tea formulation
A specialist part of the Bountea Growing System
A superior compost tea fungal catalyst.

  • Creates compost tea rich in beneficial fungi
  • Specially formulated for “woody” stemmed plants such as tomatoes, trees, shrubs and perennials
  • Includes special proprietary ingredients to boost fungal growth